Awesome live looping

LoopTree is an exciting new breed of looper that brings more fun than ever to creating live music!

  • Unlimited number of loops (practically!)
  • Non-destructive layering
  • Beat repeat - sample, repeat and reverse loops
  • Filter - add variety with an LPF, BPF and HPF


Layered loops

Arrange loops into layers to give you group control and non-destructive merging

One-finger volume pan

Control the volume and pan of one or more tracks simultaneously.

Loop length

Easy to set loop length whilst recording using multiples (2x, 4x, 8x, etc) of the shortest loop.

Integrated FX

Add variety with the integrated high, low and band pass filters.

Beat repeat

Sample, repeat and reverse loops, to add playful variation to your tracks.


Support for foreground AudioBus, MIDI control and export via AudioCopy and SoundCloud.

Chained record

Select multiple tracks, to record loops back-to-back.


Create custom accented rhythms or AudioPaste the first loop.

How it works

Record. Loop. Evolve.

We'll be recording more tutorial videos soon!

Story behind the app

I've long been a fan of looping on iOS. I had the most fun looping vocals, but over time there were a number of extra features that came to mind. I wanted:

  • to be able to control track volume and pan simultaneously
  • to group tracks and control them as one
  • to have some effects to add variety to my loops

One day I was out walking and wondering how to make a simple interface that would allow grouping. I suddenly realised the answer was layers. Using a layered tree would not only work for grouping, but it would also allow non-destructive merging and still fit nicely on phone-sized screens.

Combining the layers with the filter and beat repeat brought LoopTree to life.

Edward Sharp

Lead Developer

Harry Sharp



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